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We have a Grand Vision for Restorative Innovation

It is to change the way Innovation & Entrepreneurship is viewed by the world and to encourage everybody to support Restorative Innovation leaders as they enable & empower us to contribute to the betterment of society through their altruistic purpose and innovative solutions.

Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting our website, believing in our work and most importantly, clicking on "Join the Movement" button that takes you here. As we re-emphasize, Restorative Innovation is more than just an academic theory and without a doubt, the concept of Restorative Innovation has enormous potential to be the cornerstone of every business practice and to positively change the paradigm of every individual.

Restorative Innovation is more than just an academic theory, it is an initiative, a movement, and a unifying principle to guide entrepreneurial leaders in their pursuit.

We are committed, both our time and resources to ensure the success of Restorative Innovation, and we will be honored to have your continuous support. Our avenues of support are listed below and we hope you can be engaged with us through those channels, and to help us spread the word.

We're very excited and grateful for you to join us in this journey to contribute to the betterment of society. With your support, we can definitely make this a reality, and we're certain of it.


Prof Virginia Cha & Jovan Tan

Here's how you can get involved

1. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive occasional stories & updates!

2. Amplify our message - Join us in our Thunderclap campaign to spread the word of Restorative Innovation to the world. It's simple, just click on the link below to show your support.

3. Like & Share our website - tell your family & friends about our vision and how our work can impact the future of the world we live in. Our like & share buttons are floating by the side, on the left.

4. Share with us any individual or organizations you know that embody the spirit of Restorative Innovation - We would love to grab a coffee with them to learn about their vision, passion, and work.

5. Collaborations, Partnerships & Speaking Engagement - If time permits, we would be more than happy to speak & share about Restorative Innovation at your events or seminars. At the same time, drop us a note if you're able to sponsor us tools that can help us accelerate our evangelism efforts.

Thank you so much & Stay Connected!

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